Terms & Conditions

We request you to go through the terms and conditions page with utmost care before accessing our website and its content. You must approve these terms and conditions matters as the services mentioned entirely depend on them. We inform you that when you understand and accept these Terms and Conditions by using this website. We have the right to make changes or alterations to the mentioned pointers at our sole discretion.

Standard Terms and Conditions

All the services we offer are guaranteed and subject to payment clearance before the flight's departure. If you pay us by check, you may have to wait until the check is cleared to get your tickets and travel document.

Following are the terms and conditions.

In case of a flight cancellation before the departure date, we take the responsibility of only refunding the amount paid by you for the tickets.

A trip or facility marketed or published by the company may be changed or altered or differed, or withdrawn at any time. We do not bear any responsibility for any compensation, additional cost paid, or losses suffered by the traveler or group.

No one except the group has the right to vary, incorporate, change or waive any definition, representation, or term and conditions set here or any company brochure with written consent only.

We as a company are not held responsible under any circumstances to the travelers or groups for any misadventure, mishap, or any such happening that may result in the accidental death, accident, illness or personal loss, injury, delay, higher cost, or consequential harm. Any act or default caused by any airlines or any other travel-related service provider or agent or employee of the service provider may be responsible for providing lodging, meals, and transportation for the traveler or group. 

We reserve the right to increase the surcharge in case of a currency fluctuation and or adjustments in the difference of the exchange rate in the cost of fuel before departure. If this price rise occurs, it must be paid in full.

The responsibility of the travelers or group is to keep all the valid travel documents with them at all times like visa, passport, or government id in original form. The travelers must read and understand all the conditions in advance and carry all the needed documentation while boarding a flight. Suppose any such travel-related documents have expired or are rejected or canceled by the authority. In that case, the traveler will be held responsible for any further consequences or expenses that may come up. If you are traveling internally on a stopover flight, a visa or travel authorization is necessary. We bear no responsibility for the matter mentioned above (s).

The insurance premium is not included in the ticket fare. All related programs and packages are governed by laws, rules, and regulations throughout the tour. We bear no responsibility for any situation that may arise from such rules or due to a natural disaster.